Advanced ocean wave downscaling method

Deep water large-scale (hourly) wave reanalysis databases (> 20 years and 0.1°–1° spatial resolution), provide valuable information for wave climate research and ocean applications. However, coastal studies need a more detailed spatial resolution (50–500 m) including wave transformation processes in shallow waters. Downscaling method is usually solved applying hour-by-hour SWAN wave propagation model (Booij et al. 1999), requiring high CPU time effort.

IHpropaga strategy gathers the global framework to downscale wave reanalysis to coastal areas drastically reducing the CPU time effort (about 1000 ×) by using a hybrid methodology (Camus et al. 2013), which combines numerical models (dynamical downscaling) and mathematical tools (statistical downscaling).

The GUI easily handles all SWAN setup requirements, including pre and post-process related to: bathymetry, mesh creation (structured and/or non-structured), clustering (selection of a subset of numerical simulations and the definition of the wave transfer function which incorporates the dependency of the wave spatial variability and the non-uniform wind forcings), batch run control, hindcast reconstruction algorithm, and general wave climate analysis including wave spectra and wave propagation maps (formats: *.jpg, *.fig, *.vtk).
With this 2-day course, students will be able to obtain reliable wave hindcast within one working day.